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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Did you say cheese?

I have been on this new life style (diet) now for 2 weeks and I can honestly say that this new life style (diet) has shown great progress (20 pounds).

My new life style (diet) has not been a very easy thing. I love food, now I know people say that and we all shake our heads and say... I also. Yet you don't understand, I LOVE FOOD, I love to eat. Now some of you are probably thinking, this is his way of saying he weighs a ton... NO, 1/2 a ton maybe but not a ton. I am tall (excuse) so that helps me carry my weight, yet I have over the years allowed my gut to expand. Anyway back to what this is about. What is this about?

Oh yes, cheese. This new life style (diet) has caused me to cut back on things that at one time in my life, I never even thought about, such as cheese, I mean how bad can a slice of cheese be? Well actually I don't have the calories with me, so stop your worry. Anyway, today, 2 weeks into the diet, I go to get a grilled chicken salad (fat free ranch) when the lady there behind the counter says..... Do you want cheese on that? My response... Did you say cheese? As if cheese on a salad was NEVER HEARD OF before. She kindly responded, yes sir, cheese, you know, it's shredded.

Well as the line piled up behind me, I stood there thinking, do I want cheese? Do I want cheese? Do I want cheese? I quickly tried to figure in my head, how many extra calories it was going to be, yet I stood there under the power of cheese. Thinking to myself, is it really worth it or not. I took into consideration how much more it was going to cost extra for the cheese, I figured if I did the price in my head it might tell me how much cheese they were going to put on it, then I could figure up how much it was going to raise my calorie intake. What seemed like forever I am sure was but just a few seconds yet I told her, no, I don't think I will have cheese. She smiles and hits a button and gives me a total. And then I thought to myself, this little teenage girl has no idea what she just put me through. She so easily just takes my money and does not think twice about my struggle, she just smiles and says... Have a good day!!! Have a good day!!! Have a good day!!! The nerve of this girl, the nerve that she has to offer cheese to me!!!

Well I guess I have got that out of my system and will go home and enjoy my night. Sleep well all and do be good.

Oh and I get my salad, the guy brings it out and says..... Sorry sir, we are out of fat free ranch!!! If i would have known that, I would have gotten cheese.


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