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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Please Help!!!

Well it is Wednesday again and I am trying this Blogg thingy as therapy, so on Wednesday I take the time given me to let off steam. So here it goes....

It is Monday, I am in the car (paid to much for it) and I am on my way to Wal~Mart (hate the place) and I enter the parking lot and the challenge begins....

1)There are more baskets in the parking lot than there were to die on the Titanic (sorry but I hated the movie, actually in my life I have seen two very very bad movies 1. Titanic 2. E.T) So trying to get through the parking lot was enough to just send someone into cardiac arrest.
2) I am one that does not mind waiting on a good parking place, and not to brag or anything, but when I see an elderly person behind me waiting for me to get the good place I always pull on and let them have it (not bragging I remind you). Yet this is just a thought, actually it should be more than a thought, it should be law. When you see someone putting their groceries in the car and you want their place, pull over to the side, so that other cars can get around you. There is no NEED to sit right in the middle of the isle.
3) How about not putting your childs dirty diaper right outside your car door so that when I get out, there is what you left behind. Actually why not do the right thing, put it in the diaper bag and take it out when you get home. I realize that it probably stinks, but that is the price of children.
4) If you are going to use your goverment assistance, then don't let me see your basket filled with Christmas lights or Easter bunnies, or Halloween Candy. If you have money for that, then I KNOW you have money for your babies milk that sits in your basket as well.
5) Pay attention in the aisle, take notice that your basket and 4 kids are blockin the whole other side of the aisle and other people are actually in the store . If you own the store then you can very well take up the whole aisle but you better have identification ready to prove to me that you own the store.
6) If writing a check, then PLEASE ask the cashier for a pen when she is checking out your 19 items in the 10 or less lane and that goes for any other lane as well. Dont wait until the total is given and then say... "Can I borrow your pen" You could have written out that check and refinanced your house by the time she/he has gotten through with your basket.
7) This is to all you checkers. I know you stand all day and no doubt tired, but give me a smile, I mean, I did not have to shop at your place of business, I could have sat on my butt and ordered it off the internet or even gone to your competitor. Give us some love, give us a little bit of attention, you are not a robot or an atm machine.
Well, I now need my blood pressure medicene. So I am not sure if this venting is doing me any good or not.


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