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Saturday, February 26, 2005

To sneeze or not to sneeze?

Ok, it was late last night, in the bed, could not sleep. I battle with insomnia and the worse thing that someone in my state can do is get their mind on something, because then there is no hope whatsoever for me of ever getting rest.

So I am laying there, just listening to my wife snore, and trying to clear my mind of everything. Then it happens..... KABOOM!!! Out of nowhere this sneeze come upon me. I hate sneezing because I had open heart surgery a few years ago and it hurts me to sneeze. Yet that is not my point. I know, you are just waiting to hear my point, yet be patient, it is a virtue.

I am laying there after having this sneeze and the enemy of thinking comes upon me, I try to avoid it, yet I cannot stop it. So for the next 4 hours I lay there thinking about everything that one is able to do in their sleep.

I just happen to have some examples.... 1)Snoring 2)Talking 3)Walking 4)Jumping off the bed 5)Doing a # 1 6)Picking their nose "seriously, no lie" 7)Kicking 8)Telling dirty secrets 9)Singing 10)Cussing like a sailor. The list could go on forever, trust me, about 4 hours of list I could blog.

Yet one thing I have never known man or woman, boy or girl, old or young, to be able to do....... SNEEZE!! Now let me clear something up here... I have slept in the room with many people, not that I have slept with many people. Please clear that up before the newspaper get's it. I have never known, nor been in a room with anyone that has ever SNEEZED in their sleep. How strange is that?

Now by now you are probably thinking what I am thinking.... Goverment Conspiracy!!!

Of course now I am not an expert, nor have I slept in the same room with everyone, so that is what this blog is about... I want to hear from them that have or have not heard someone SNEEZE in their sleep. I will say this... I don't want anyone responding that has the answer why, then of course this blog would not be as fun. :)


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