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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Answers to David Rattigan

Well for those reading this today, David Rattigan of Grace Pages....

Well he is doing this GREAT thing of asking one 5 questions and you get to answer them. I think it is just great!!! Thank You David for doing such a wonderful thing.

So below you will find my 5 questions and the answers. Don't laugh!!

1) Tell me about one moment of joy from the past of your life. Falling in love with my wife all over again. We have been through so much together, so much heartache, so much emotional pain. Everything that can be tested in our marriage has been tested, everything that can be shaken has been shaken. So many have tried to ruin us, to destroy us, and what they meant for evil, the Lord has turned for good. Instead of allowing the power of evil to push us apart, we allowed it to push us together. Several weeks ago, taking a nap during the day, I looked at my wife and this overwhelming love come upon me, it was like the 1st time I saw her, her beauty was just a glow and I allowed myself to be overtaken by her magical powers :) It was the greatest moment of joy and just about the only moment of joy that I have had in the last year.

2) On your blog you name Titanic and ET the two worst films you've seen. Which film has most deeply moved you, and why? Let me begin with saying, I am actually honored David that you have read my blogs, to have someone like you read them, I count that as wonderful gift. I am not a big movie watcher, never have been really, I always found myself when a movie was going on reading or at the coffee place enjoying a nice cup. I know as a minister I should say the Passion of the Christ moved me and then explain why, and it did, deeply move me. Yet the movie I speak of today is one that I don't even know the name of. I was at the Dallas Museum a few years back, with some friends. There was in their theater thing an artistic piece of film that captured me. It was filmed in India and the whole thing consist of this one woman, this lady that had this one look upon her face. It was the look that I had seen so many times as I glared into a mirror. The haunted look of void, the look of someone that was just a shell, an empty piece of workmanship. The whole movie was just this lady walking or standing still in the city, dressed in a white garment, just wandering from one building to the next. It brought me to a place of complete attention. I sat there for an hour, my eyes fixed to this screen. It was as if I had found a friend.

3) What three things make you totally and utterly unique among all the people in the world? a)Compassionate, my heart never ceases to break. I think I have come to a place that I cannot be moved anymore. Yet I find myself weeping again. Even towards those that have crucified me, my heart breaks for them.
b)Chameleon, not because I have funky eyes. I am gifted to be able to fit in anywhere at anytime. I can go from having a very elite personality to this common person who can relate to any social status at any given time. c)no sene of direction, now I am not talking for my life, but in everyday life. On a very good day, I can point you in the direction of up. I get lost no matter where or what I am doing. I live by landmarks in life, and a night, someone else needs to be driving. I have no way of getting someone from point a to point b.

4) If you could have been present at one event recorded in the gospels, which would it be, what part would you play and why? You just had to get spiritual!! I already know you are going to crucify me with what I am going to say. I would be that lady, as her ear was near to the ground, heard as one by one the rocks begin to make their loud thud against the earth. Hearing this man in whom others proclaimed to be the Messiah saying, You who are without sin, cast your stone. Then hearing as each stone, begin to fall. That moment when man had removed the cover that hid her shame, now was again covered by the rocks of them that wanted to expose her. Then hearing from the one who could have judged her and condemned her and told the world of her shame, say to me, Where are they that accuse you?

5) What are the greatest hopes for your life in five years time? In five years I want to be known as that friend. That my phone will ring at 3 a.m. and on the other end be this Pastor, who is sitting in his office, wanting to pack,wanting to vanish not just from ministry, but from life and he can hear the voice of one who can say... I know how dark it is. That friend that can sit across the table of a cup of chai and a blackberry muffin and say to other, I know how deep and how long it is going to take for that wound to heal, and I will be here to continually pour out the oil and the wine. I want to be that friend that a brother or sister can say, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot go any further, and I place my hand upon them and say, then sit here for awhile, I will go for you. I want to be that friend that helps to hold that bitter cup of ministry and say, you do not drink alone, I'm here. I want in 5 years to hear those words.... "This is my friend"

David..... Wow, you are the greatest, you are real man, keep up the awesome work and let me know if I can ever do anything for you.


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