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The life of a Pastor, one who has been beaten and left to die by his own kind.

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I consider myself as one that has seen the dark side of humanity and has lived to speak of it.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Did I mention?

The void is endless. The depth is bottomless. The darkness is eternal.

I feel as if I have become this vessel that has been emptied of it's water, remaining only to be filled with dust and debree and the spider web of nature.

It was not long ago that I complained because all I could manage to produce was water in this vessel, what ever happened to this water being turned into the richness of wine I would say. Now as I feel the void of water, who could even care about the wine?

What amazes me about this, is that the only thing people notice is the vessel, not the content (or the lack of). Everyone stands from a distance, as if we have become a museum of artifacts and treasures.

Thomas Merton writes "The more our faculties are emptied of their desire and their tension toward created things, and the more they collect themselves into peace and interior silence and reach into the darkness where God is present to their deepest hunger, the more they feel a pure, burning impatience to be free and rid of all the last obstacles and attachments that still stand between them and the emptiness that will be capable of being filled with God."

I say, then fill me already!


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