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Thursday, March 03, 2005

good cup of chai

It seems in days like this, that even the simple things seem to mean so much more.

I drink a cup of Chai every day, well ok, no everyday but on average, every day. :)
Yet tonight in this lonely, dark, cold office, it seems to have a richer taste, it seems to bring a deeper warmth to my body.

Recieved a call from a "friend" today, on the other end... "Hey, how are you? I was just thinking about you and praying for you, how are you doing?" (Could it be? Could it be? Could it be, that someone was going for the switch, just give me a flicker of the light, I don't need much, just the glow of that bulb for a split second, I will take anything.) "Oh, hey Jim, well things are going ok." "Well good, hey let me ask you something." (I knew then, this was not about me) (Just sit back and listen now) The next 45 minutes, I was yet again this Pastor, this one who had all the answers (if he only knew of how I searched for these answers in the dark, on my hands and knees, as if the house is on fire, the heat is so great, the smoke is so thick, that one falls to their knees and grope along the wall for an answer)

"Well I took enough of your time, so glad things are going good." Good!! Good!!! Good!!!! Who said anything about things going good, my word was ok, not good!!!

Hanging up the phone, I made note to myself, just because one comes with a siren and lights flashing, does not mean he/she does not know how to put out a fire. So just stay close to the ground, and breathe only when necessary.


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