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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Hand of one

I have found that in life you never know what to expect. You find yourself running in the field of happiness barefoot and without knowing it you step on a rock. I did not say you stumble on a rock, yet you step on a rock. You realize sometime later that this one step will cause you to walk differently for sometime.

The bruise of a rock, is amazing, you see nothing, you can't point it out to others for their sympathy, you can get stiches or even a band aid. Yet you know it is there. It is like that of a broken toe, "nothing" can be done. Now I find that hard to believe, I mean, we can cut open the hearts and heads of man and make robots out of them, yet we cannot do anything for a broken toe...... Someone is holding back here.

You see really the only sympathy you get from a rock bruise is from the hand of one that knows exactly where you are at. They know that others cannot see it, they know that others cannot feel anything, yet they know, how painful it is to walk upon it.

I have found in my darkness something more powerful than the switch that could cause darkness to vanish, I have found in my darkness the amazing light of a candle. I sit in my office today, and my lights are on, yet I still suffer from the coldness. Yet I can sit in my office and turn off it's light and place a candle for my brightness and it will also bring warmth to me as I place my hands over it.

Those of you that know how it is to sit in darkness, would you please, please, PLEASE, be the hand of one, that will be a candle. We who sit in darkness today, although the light shining would be nice, we would just settle for the hand of one that can bring just warmth to us.

May all the goodness of man, arise this cold day, and bring to the hearts of darkness the warmth of just one.


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