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The life of a Pastor, one who has been beaten and left to die by his own kind.

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I consider myself as one that has seen the dark side of humanity and has lived to speak of it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Please Forgive Me!!

Sitting in my office today, I was enjoying the great work of yo - yo Ma "Vivaldi's Cello". When I have some visitors. Although lately I would rather be left alone, I welcomed them and offered them a cup of coffee. When out of nowhere I get this look of "How could you?" From one of them that were standing there, then the others picked up on what the other lady was hearing.

"Why would you listen to such?" Was the voice of one? The look on my face quickly told those that had come by, I had NO clue of what they were talking about. She said.... "That Music" "Why in the world would you listen to that?"

I responded with this look of dismay and then from somewhere I still have no clue of where it could have come from... I said... Let me ask you, what did you watch on t.v. last night? Do you have cable? Do you rent movies? Do you even entertain a t.v. in your home? Do you go shopping? Or do you have all your groceries and supplies brought to you house? She said, well my life is not in question here, I would think you would be more careful of what you entertain as our leader.

They left today, having caught a glimpse I am afraid of what this great darkness is doing to my spirit. I would have just smiled and said jokingly... Oh you know me, the heathen that I am. Yet it was like I wanted them to know, I am not controlled by you, nor am I conquered by you. I am sure that they will have a thing to say in our next meeting, yet, I welcome the day. I just hope that my darkness does not spill out into rage.


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