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Saturday, March 26, 2005

A stone at Easter

"Prayer and love are really learned in the hour when prayer becomes impossible and your heart turns to stone." Thomas Merton

I apologize in advance to you who might think I use too much Merton, yet it never fails. Everytime I look for a friend, there he is.

Tomorrow is the big day "Easter Sunday". I bought the new tie, got some new socks and was sure to have the dress shirt pressed (heavy starch on the collar, light on the body) No doubt my new cologne will please the crowd. The sermon has been sitting on the back burner all week, and it is ready to proclaim He is Risen!!!

My prayer for tomorrow is that once again a people will see me as their Pastor, and not as one who sits in the crowd wondering if that guy behind the pulpit really believes everything he is about to say.

Now before you go thinking I have turned athiest, well, I have not! Yes, I believe He is risen. Yes, I believe He sits at the right hand of the Father. Yes, I believe that He will come again for His church. Yet, what about the now? I have asked myself... Did you sign up just for the end? I have told others that He has brought to us life and peace, and the joy that cannot be measured by the worlds standard. So as I laid in bed this week recovering from some health issues I begin to ask myself.... What has happened to those things He promised? Or better yet, the things that I promised to others that He promised.

I wonder now as I look back, do the people I tell this too, do they just pretend to have what I speak about so that I will feel better about myself? Or did they actually tap into this source and find what I cannot seem to find. Did I miss the turn, or did I tap into the source at the wrong place and maybe I missed it, or maybe it just has not gotten here yet.

Well, I guess we will understand it when it comes, or just accept the fact that I missed it.


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