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Sunday, March 20, 2005

This Graveyard

"What you do in darkness, I see, What you say to the shadows I hear, what you hide in secret, I find, you are exposed to me as brightly as the day."

I come across this the other day, I am not sure who the author might be, yet it is a simple truth, but oh so powerful.

I have sat down this last month and considered my ways, considered the things that have happened in my life and how I have let them change me, for either the good or the bad. It is difficult to assume that ALL things work together for good, for them that loved the Lord. Yet I tell you the truth today, if allowed, truly even the most difficult and the most painful situations can come out for our good.

This fog that I dwell in, like a burning house, so thick that one must stay close to the ground, has even worked for my good. Humility is it's fruit. I realize how weak I am, and how strong He is becoming. I have realized once again, that I cannot do this on my own, that as strong and wise that I think I am, I still must submit to this one who is ALL powerful. I was reminded of something Tozer said. "In Him, is all power for the weak, yet after giving strength to the weary, He has not lost any power." So many times, I have felt as if I was tapping into someone that would limit it's power to me, so that others might recieve power.

I would like to believe that my fog is lifting, I would like to believe that my journey into the city of the dead is almost over, yet I can still feel the cold damp air and no ability to see further than that which is before me. Yet today, I fear nothing, I no longer fear what might come upon me without me knowing. I feel protected, I feel safe, I feel as if this is working together for my good.

Do I still have questions of why I must journey here? Yes I do question, yet I do not question why I am here, I question what is thy will for me, while I am here. I do believe that the purpose of my being here is not necassirly for me, but for all of them that know of where I sit. I think to myself, what truth can I learn that I can bring with me when I walk out of this place. What ointment can I find hidden among the stones that will bring comfort to one that I stumble across even on my way out of here.

I guess I am finished with my thought for today.


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