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The life of a Pastor, one who has been beaten and left to die by his own kind.

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I consider myself as one that has seen the dark side of humanity and has lived to speak of it.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tick, Tick, Tick

Once again I have found myself going down the stairs of fear and a sense of hopelessness.

They say, they will never be able to fix me, they say that this pill will help, and it did, but for some reason it's like what little hope I had found, has vanished like a vapor. I thought this was going to solve my problem, yet now, I see more of my problem than I see of their solution.

The good Dr's tell me, they have never seen anything like this, nor do they ever think they can do anything for me. I know that it still ticks, because I can feel it again, this pain, this pain that grips my throat with fear. I am being silenced by this thing called pain, this thing that once made me cry out... "HELP ME" now because people look at me with eyes of sarcasms, I am now silenced.

This ticker has caused me to fear the looks of men, the words of women, and the nods of them that say they are professionalls.

I find myself weak, at a time, that I need to be strong. I finally submitted to this walk, now He who called me to the walk, must show Himself strong.


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