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Saturday, July 02, 2005


I have been speaking in the past of how I have felt what might be a wind blowing around my feet. Thinking that maybe this wind was about to blow upon me again. You see I have been asking of the Lord, let they Holy Wind blow upon me again, let it bring it's refreshing breeze upon my face, that it might dry these rivers that come from my eyes.

I think that I have discovered it is actually only a draft. Like living in the old house and around it's doors and it's windows you can hear the mighty winds, yet all you are able to encounter is this very dim, very light pocket of air. The windows are ancient and cannot be opened, the door is old and locked and I cannot find it's key.

I can hear the howling of the wind and it does not frighten me, it only troubles me. I lay in the bed at night and I hear it's whistle, I sit at the table of sorrow while my tears are my meat and drink and I can hear it's whistle. I lay myself upon the couch and try once again for sleep and I can hear it's whistle.

I sit in front of the fireplace and my wood is arranged and the draft is open and enough fuel on the fire that all I am in need of is a spark. Yet the air still has within it, this bitter cold.

So now I sit in this chair, and I no longer ask of Him to open a door or even crack a window. I now come to the place that I cry unto this one who said to me, you can find me in the gentle breeze. I now whisper unto this one who said to me, I can be found in the fire. I softly speak to Him, Lord, just let this foundation fail. Let this foundation give way to this wind, let this structure now collapse and let men find me in the midst of it's rubble.


Blogger Thomas Jackson said...

Strong post, Scott: It's very well written; This is the best I've seen you write. Apparently, practice makes perfect for both of us.

1:18 AM  

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