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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just Get Over It

It was 11:25 p.m., as I stared at the clock in my bedroom. When she who cannot understand, because she will not even allow herself to hear my pain, raises her voice at me and says.... Just get over it!!!

I think to myself, what have I done to deserve this hate. The last I looked at our situation, I was doing everything for her. If there has ever been a queen who has been given so very much in life, I dare say it is the lady who promised "In sickness and health". I really don't understand what I have done too her, I really don't understand how she cannot see me as one who is on the inside curled up in a fetus position, wanting to be re-born, wanting not even a new life, but I will just take the former before it was altered.

I have done nothing to her, I have not said an unkind word, I have just sat in silence and my eyes trying to see a future, and while suffering much I have pulled out of my hat of magic, her meals, her laundry, her clean home, her warm baths, her long vacations that do not include me and what is it that I receive in return...
"Just get over it!"

As if I have put a collar and leash around this dragon and have made it my pet. It almost makes one wonder, who is the dragon. I was told last night that it looked like we needed to have a "serious talk", I tell you this truth, she is not prepared for a "serious talk" she does not want to cross that threshold with me. I try my best to just move on, to just get past what stupidity has said, I do not blame it on ignorance, for 11 years she has lived with me, no one can remain ignorant that long.


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