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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tired in the office

I sit here in my office or what some call the "Pastor's Study". In all honesty I am not only tired, but I have grown bored.

It amazes me at how time changes so many things. Things that we swore would never become old, they end up like that slice of bread that sits on top of the package, rather than in the package.

I think I have just grown stale, I have allowed myself to grow old before my time. I was told by many in ministry when I started out, that everyone goes through this time in their life that they don't want to leave ministry, they just want to be ministered too. It's not like I want to leave, I don't think I have anything to leave too, I mean, I do believe I killed my ox and burned my plow some 15 years ago.

So where is the one that carries this drink to the minister? Where is the one that has been given the ministry to minister to them who minister? I wonder, is there one? I wonder, who it is that ministers to the one who ministers to them that minister. Maybe that is the story, maybe he sits on top of the package of bread as well.


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