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Friday, October 07, 2005

So far, Ok

Well here it is Friday, my mind filled with a 100 things that I did not do and that needs to be done, yet I failed to do them once again.

So far the week has been ok. I would say that I have had better ones, but in all honesty I can't remember right now past this last week. I am not exaggerating. There are weeks that I can remember a lot, then there are weeks that I can barely remember what I did the week before, then there are weeks that I could not even tell you what my wife's name is, without having to give it a great deal of thought.

It was almost 11 years ago, that I took the advice of a Dr. & took his pill, within 15 minutes, I could not even tell you my name. Sense then I have episodes that I will be driving down the highway or sitting at home or in the office and within a snap of a finger, I have no idea where I am at or what I am doing. It is very scary, all I can do is panic and then fear comes. It is scary, very very scary.

I have allowed myself this week to rest and sleep in and just nourish my body, both with good food and nice long showers and not let what others think or say, disturb me. I just hope I can stay this relaxed and rested going into Sunday services.

Well, that is my life as of right now, I hope that all is well and that each of you have a great weekend and holiday on Monday.


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