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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Here I Sit!

WOW!!! I am sitting in this office for the very last time tonight. I will step down as Pastor, step down and away from a people that I have given my very life too, the last 6 years.

I walk away a different man. Well, honestly I walk away as not the same man at all. When the wife and I stepped out of the Ryder 6 years ago, I had somewhat of an idea of who I was. Today, I can't even tell you my weight. I looked in a mirror today as I brushed my teeth, it was like I had for the 1st time noticed that my hair had turned gray, my hands have turned weak, and my life has turned sour.

Yet, I can't help but know that I am leaving here a better person. I leave here a stronger person. I leave here a greater human being. Yes, I leave with scars, yet it is from those scars that I will become a genius. I leave with deep brokenness, yet it is from that brokenness that I will become a healer. I leave stooped over, with an amazing load of care, yet it will be from that, that I will help others to stand up straight.

You might be thinking.... He understands it now. No my friend, I do not. I do not understand how through weakness I will make others strong. Through suffering I will make others joyful. Through fear I will give others peace. I do NOT understand it.
Yet I guess the thing I have learned is... "I don't need to understand it"

So, I will boast in my weakness, so that others might see Him as strong. I will boast in my brokenness so others can be healed. I will boast in my affliction so that others too can trust the healer.


Blogger Jacob said...

This is wonderful to hear. Good luck with your future.

11:49 PM  

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