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Monday, January 09, 2006


Well I cut work off a few minutes early so that I could do a post.

I have one question that goes over and over in my mind, yet it's source is my heart.

The question.... Today?

It is no secret, the wife and I and our little girl (yorkie) have made no doubt one of them most drastic moves in our life. We gave up a gold mind, in search of a diamond mind, not for our wealth, but for the Kingdom. We have no regrets, in all honesty I should have done it 2 years ago, but I just pushed it away and called it selfishness.

A new day, a new hour, a new moment, does not bring answers to all the question we asked yesterday, the last hour, or even just a moment ago, I have found that it only brings about new questions or in this case... Question.

The question... Today?

Yet for some reason it is not a question of doubt, but of anticipation, that in itself is worth all the gold. (I heard that all the gold in California was in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills under someone else's name) (ok, bad joke)

I have found again the excitement of the question... Today? For you see, for so long it was not a question it was a statement and not just a statement but that of desperation. It use to read... TODAY!!!! Now it reads... Today? You see before, it come from exhaustion, today it comes from faith. Yesterday it come from frustration, today it comes from expectation.

I found that God might not changer your question, yet He will change your punctuation.


Blogger Blogster said...

Hey ##NAME##, I was really looking for stuff on Yorkshire Terrier Puppies, but I landed on your blog. More specifically, I ended up on ##TITLE##. Lucky for me 'cause I liked your post enough to stop and make a comment. I don't usually: I prefer to lurk. Maybe it's the 'Peeping Tom' in me, I don't know ;o) . You certainly have got some food for thought. I can't say I agree with everything, but you've certainly got me thinking. And, I'm told, that's not a bad thing! Thanks again!

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